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October 25, 2016 at 4:46 pm

The NJDEP has placed 14 counties encompassing the northern, central and northern coastal areas of New Jersey under a drought warning due to ongoing precipitation deficits and deteriorating water-supply conditions.  Sussex and Warren counties rely primarily on groundwater and have been included in the warning because groundwater in this area is rated as extremely dry while precipitation and stream flows are rated as severely dry.

 The DEP offers the following tips to reduce water use:

    • At this time of year, it is appropriate to let your lawns go dormant.
    • Turn sprinkler systems off automatic timers.
    • Use a hose with a hand-held nozzle to water flowers and shrubs, or let them go dormant.
    • Use a broom to sweep the sidewalk, rather than a hose.
    • Wash vehicles with a bucket and do not run the hose more than necessary, or use a commercial car wash that recycles water.
    • To save water at home, fix leaky faucets and pipes. Consider replacing your toilet with a low-flow version; this can save around 11,000 gallons per year.
    • Upgrade your showerhead to low-flow versions, which can save some 7,700 gallons per year.
    • Upgrade your faucets or install faucet aerators; this can save some 16,000 gallons per year.

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