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Water Main & Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant Flushing

At least once per year, normally in the spring, the HMUA conducts a comprehensive water main and hydrant flushing program throughout the 105 miles of distribution system. View the latest flushing schedule.

Why are we flushing?

Each year, HMUA personnel open and flush water from fire hydrants in the water system. Hydrant flushing is a very important part of the maintenance performed on the HMUA water system and serves the following purposes:

  • Verifies the proper operation of fire hydrants
  • Flushes out any sediment that may have accumulated in the water mains and thus enhances water quality
  • Checks for closed valves or weak flows in the water system
  • Verifies sufficient water flows for fire fighting

Isn't Flushing a waste of water?

No. It is important to maintain good water quality and to operate and test every fire hydrant in the water system. The amount of water used during flushing is worth the benefits gained.

How will this affect customers and their water service?

Usually, you will not be aware that flushing is taking place in your neighborhood. Flushing is generally conducted at night between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., Sunday night through Friday morning. The hydrant flushing operation is performed during these hours to reduce the inconvenience to our customers, minimize disruption to water service and to prevent traffic problems. The only sign that hydrants have been flushed in your neighborhood may be standing water in the roadway in the morning. You also may experience temporary low water pressure when flushing is being performed near your home.

What should I do if my water is discolored?

The flushing process is designed to remove any iron sediment in the water main and may temporarily discolor your water. If this discoloration occurs, simply run your cold water faucets for about 5 minutes to make sure the water is clear. If it doesn't clear up after a few minutes, wait for an extended period of time (up to 2 hours) and try running the cold faucets again. If the water does not clear up within two hours, please notify the HMUA Business Office by calling 852-3622. It is recommended that you do not do laundry during flushing periods to avoid stained clothing. This is especially important during late evening and early morning hours, when flushing is being done or has just been completed.

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